Information and the catalogue of Lorry Crane


The FX100 system (optional) was developed to give crane operators information about the load state of the crane and the ability to stop it if an excessive overload is achieved for markets in the European Union that do not require control systems to be installed. Analogue radio is offered for the system. For nations with cold temperature conditions, a variation of the lifting moment limiting device known as ''W'' can be provided.

Self-centring cast iron wear pads on the rack rotation ensure accurate and consistent coupling between the pinion and the rack, protecting the teeth from damage.

Base :
For optimal stress distribution and higher resistance, the base and lower portion of the column are made of cast steel. The crane provides great features of durability against fatigue because there is no welding.

Booms Guide :
Extension booms guide shoes are ''forced'' to be assembled in a way that minimises vertical and horizontal clearance while maximising durability. Special guide shoe substance that requires less lubrication and has a high sliding degree.

Tank :
A plastic tank that is especially resilient to shocks and the corrosive effects of any outside element.

Lubricant System : 
Base maintenance and control activities will be made easier thanks to the base's centralised lubrication system.

Outrigger : 
Additionally available in the ''Extra wide'' executive is hydraulically extensible outriggers with jointed outrigger rams plates and hoses installed inside the stabiliser supports. a separate hydraulic distributor for the outriggers' control; Radio control can also be used to activate it. Manual or hydraulic tiltable outriggers are options.

Version C :
A crane version with a shorter secondary arm will enable lifting from under hooks at greater heights. provides the opportunity to raise particularly large and heavy goods vertically, close to the crane's column. When the crane is folded behind the cab, an automatic system hooks the extension booms into the transport position.

Worklight :
Strong, adaptable lighting that can be directed as needed makes it possible for you to work safely even in dimly lit environments. Push buttons on the radio remote control can be used to activate it.

Jib :

The additional hydraulic articulation enables you to extend the crane's reach and shift the load horizontally concerning the ground after the necessary height has been reached (without jeopardising the correct resting configuration of the crane). A 10-degree increase in the operating angle of the jib is possible thanks to the unique Fassi Pro link system.

Seat : 

To give the operator more control when performing particular movements and lifting activities, the posture is ergonomic and protected. There are numerous adjustment options to help you achieve the most comfortable working and control position, as well as a heated top seat option.

Supplementary Functions : 

Additional capabilities for the use of hydraulic accessories on the crane and jib, secured by a unique Fassi system made up of metal trays and incredibly durable nylon guide chains. superior hoses that can withstand the ozone effect.

Winch : 

A cable-operated lifting tool with a proprietary, exclusive mechanical torque and end-stop limitation system eliminates the dangers associated with direct and indirect overloading of the winch. Anti-revolving cable and a cable guide pulley make it simple to wound the rope on the winch drum in a straight line.