About the Catalogue and Specs of our Toyota 7 Series Forklift


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The forklifts of the Toyota 7 Series redefine what agility means. Simple, intuitive controls provide superb, smooth load manipulation for the maximum handling convenience, while minimal dimensions enable operation in even the most constrained workspaces. Clean-emission engines provide sufficient power and function in harmony with silent drivetrains to provide a workspace that is favourable to productivity.

The most successful forklift operation requires two seemingly incompatible elements: safety and speed. The Toyota 7 Series offers the perfect compromise between quick and stable material handling.

Toyota's core quest of maximum agility is evident in every area of the 7 Series, from performance to styling, as the greater the agility, the higher the productivity. agility that will increase your revenue for many years.


A combination of increased productivity and assurance results in extraordinary agility.

Industrial equipment's primary purpose is to produce a highly effective workplace that combines maximum efficiency with a reassuring level of safety. The Toyota 7 Series is based on this idea. Assurance and nimbleness that increase productivity

Unprecedented agility is the product of the optimum workplace environment.

Workplace cleanliness and quietness reduce operator fatigue. The 7 Series engines' clean exhaust emissions and generally quiet operation enable operators to focus on their current activities with an agility that ultimately increases productivity.